Loop Stitching


Loop Stitching is a method of binding one or more printed sections together, with or without a cover, by means of loop wire staples (stitches) through the spine and centrefold. The loops enable the printed item to be inserted into a Ring Binder

What is it used for? Commonly used for Brochures, Price Lists, Catalogues, Booklets, Newsletters, Parish Plans, Town Plans where they need to be inserted into 2 or 4 ring Ring Binders

At What Point do we do it? Loop Stitching is a print finishing process (after printing).

How do we do it? Our Stitch Trimming machine will inset (gather) sections, stitch with the number and type of wire required and trim on 3 edges to the finished size.

More about... We can Loop stitch with up to 4 stitches (wires).