Saddle Stiching Binding


Wire staples hold the pages together. A machine drives them through its backbone fold to the centrefold, where they clench. A saddle-stitched printed piece lies almost flat when opened, a convenience for readers.

However, saddle stitching involves certain mechanical requirements. A saddle-stitched document must be at least eight pages long and increase in length in four-page increments. Saddle stitching is a good choice for binding documents of up to 64-80 pages. Documents involving more pages or heavy material may demand some other type of binding.

What is it used for? Commonly used for Brochures, Annual Reports, Booklets, Newsletters, Price Lists, Catalogues, Parish Plans, Town Plans

At What Point do we do it? Saddle Stitching is a print finishing process (after printing).

How do we do it? Our Stitch Trimming machine will inset (gather) sections, stitch with the number and type of wire required and trim on 3 edges to the finished size.

More about... We can saddle stitch with up to 4 stitches (wires). Endorse Folding (folding in half after stitching) is possible by using our mobile knife unit, enabling thin products to be folded in half after stitching and trimming.