CD DVD printing

Product Description

CD/DVD Printing

For orders under 500, we use Thermal Re-transfer printer technology (Rimage Everest printers) with professional quality white-coated disc media. This is the best choice for photographic CD label printing for small and medium print runs. The advantages include:

  • Full photographic quality CD and DVD printing
  • Full CD print coverage, including the inside hub
  • Scratch and smudge-proof printed CDs

    When printed on a white CD surface, our printers produce stunning labels with dense fields of color, full color photorealistic images and attractive text. Our printers print at 173 lines per inch (LPI), which is better than many high-quality magazines. The quality is akin to CDs created by expensive offset printing silkscreen.

    Our printed CDs and DVDs have a completely smooth laminated finish. They are remarkably durable, and are resistant to pressure, moisture and light. CDs printed with the Rimage Everest technology are water, smudge and scratch-proof. Less expensive solutions, like ink-jet printing, smudge and scratch easily.

    CD Duplication and DVD Duplication

    We can provide duplication for any project. A master CD or DVD must be provided. Duplication is used to manufacture smaller runs (< 500) of CD's DVDs. CD Duplication and DVD duplication is the process of burning a disc (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM). The data is put onto a burned disc with a laser.

    FLow prices, Low volume

    There is no minimum volume for CD printing & DVD printing. Our prices are extremely competitive. We specialize in low volume CD and DVD label printing at affordable prices. The CD label printing technology and special imaging software allow us to produce short print runs at remarkably low prices, and there are no setup fees.

    Comparing the printing methods

    If you have already researched CD and DVD printing you have discovered that there are several other methods of CD label printing:

  • Paper labels: They have their purpose but they look unprofessional and can potentially damage the disc drive.
  • Ink-jet printing (directly on disc): The CD labels look good but they are not moisture-proof; they smudge and scratch easily.
  • Thermal printing: Allows only a few flat colors and no color blending.
  • Silk screen printing: It offers excellent quality and low unit cost for large print volumes. Please contact us for highly competitive pricing.