Product Description

A great way to keep your company information in front of your customers is with pad printing. Notepads are a useful, handy tool that your customers are likely to keep in reach, which means your logo and other branding information are also in reach.

Custom printed notepads are a great marketing tool for any business. Perfect as a take away at a meeting or slipped into a package of collateral materials, they will help keep your company top-of mind.

Our notepads feature full-color printing and are backed with hard cardboard backing. And don’t just think memo pads – these pads make smart score pads, prescription pads, receipt books, rebate pads, entry forms and much more.

  • Option of 50 or 100 sheets per pad
  • Paper stock options: uncoated paper from 70gsm to 120gsm
  • Custom trim to size
  • Note Pads will glue on the top edge

    Notepad Design Tips

    We do a lot of notepad printing, so we get to see the best and worst in design. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when designing notepads is to include too much information. Remember, you are providing your customer a tool. If you fill the notepad up with contact information and images, your customer may not even be able to use them. Keep the design clean and simple.

    Definitely include your logo and any basic contact information. Try to put your logo at the top of your design as this is where your customers’ eyes are likely to scan first. Put your contact information at the bottom of the notepad. Keep the middle part – where your customer is likely to scribble notes – empty, if at all possible.

    We recommend using uncoated paper as this is easier to write on with ballpoint pens, although glossy paper is available too if you want colors that really jump off the page. Another method for notepads that get attention is to use our rounded corners option.