Rack Cards

Product Description

Many hotels, rest stops, restaurants, and airports give you the opportunity to advertise on a display rack, and each of these locations can be very lucrative. That makes rack card printing a potential gold mine for advertising when done correctly.

Rack cards are an easy and effective way to advertise in restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Lots of companies also use it to display information at conferences and trade shows. Use rack card in hotel rooms to advertise pay per view movies, room service menus, or information about the facility or local attractions.

Rack cards are the secret weapon of guerrilla marketers due to the simple fact that you can put table rack cards just about anywhere and they get attention. Like other print advertising, rack cards printing has a few basic guidelines that should be followed to get the most out of your efforts.

Dimension Decision

Size matters with rack cards but for a different reason than with other print advertising. You should customize your rack card printing to meet the size of your advertising surface. If you have a small foot print on a table where customers eat, a large rack card can be annoying rather than helpful. Think through just how big your ads should be before opting for the “bigger is better” route.

Full Color

Black and white ads just don’t cut it any more. Grab the attention of your customers with bright colors and bold graphics. Reinforce your brand with your corporate color schemes and logo every chance you get. Don’t forget to keep your text and backgrounds in high contrast so the ads are legible from a distance.